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What are Bespoke Fire surrounds

We see the word Bespoke bandied about by every Tom Dick and Harry and used by all sorts of trades, as well as the usual kitchen and bedroom furniture fitters.

According to the dictionary “Bespoke” means handmade, made to order, custom made without pre-existing patterns. In our book that doesn't mean assembling components from flat packs or putting items together from mass produced standard components that the world and his wife can purchase.


All our work is totally bespoke with the exception of  specialist items.

We don't buy standard components and put them together and say

“Hey Presto”a bespoke Fire Surround


Bespoke surrounds are created without the use of pre-existing patterns meaning everything is made from scratch and can be designed for you, your needs and taste, from choosing the species of timber, finish and including any subtle details. You can expect to pay that little bit more for this type of service, but keep in mind, you're not buying a mass produced Surround from some warehouse or Bodget and Scarper Incorporated, so don't expect the same product that your friends or everyone else has..




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 fire surrounds